I am a regular speaker at conferences both in the UK and abroad.

A competent chair, ruthless time-keeper and a regular panellist.

I have chaired conferences or sessions and facilitated or led workshops for a diverse range of organisations and events including The British Council, The Museums Association, the National Theatre, The Research Centre for Museums and Galleries, Tate, Creative & Cultural Skills Council, Shape, Turner Contemporary, Unlimited, Venice Agendas, Berlin Museums, DadaFest and Awkward Bastards.

A recent Funder assessment said:

“The symposium was brilliantly chaired by Tony Heaton, who set the tone early by saying, ‘I want them to turn problems into solutions, rather than talk about what the problems are’.  He maintained a good pace and encouraged searching questions from a range of perspectives… “

UK Disability History Month

Tony Heaton OBE, opening speech to launch the 2017 UKDHM

Tony Heaton OBE - Rethinking Diversity at the Awkward Bastards symposium.

Tony Heaton OBE, CEO of Shape in London, tells the history of the Disability Arts Movement.

Awkward Bastards was co produced by DASH and mac birmingham.

Awkward Bastards 2 - Panel Two, Pasts and Futures, Tony Heaton

Tony Heaton speaks as part of a panel considering responsibilities to our pasts and our futures.

Co produced by DASH, mac birmingham and LADA.

An introduction to Deaf and disabled arts in the UK

Garry Robson (Fittings Multimedia Arts), Tony Heaton (Shape Arts) and Jenny Sealey (Graeae Theatre Company) provide valuable insights into the context in which UK Deaf and disabled artists have emerged to become key international names.


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